Manuka Honey 30+

100% organic New Zealand active Manuka honey with the highest antibacterial grade of 30+. Supplied in a large 100g (3.5 oz) easy pour pouch. Experience the healing power of Manuka Honey 30+.

  • Highest antibacterial grade of 30+
  • 100% certified organic
  • 45 day money back guarantee
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Normally USD $69.95 Price USD $45

Welcome to Manuka Honey 30+


Welcome to The home of the world famous Manuka Honey 30+. We're a New Zealand based company that exports premium organic Manuka honey worldwide. We have been producing quality Manuka honey since 1996.


Our mission is to provide a quality, healthy, and organic product at a competitive price. We provide education on the health benefits of honey and also encourage public awareness for the protection of the natural habitat of bees. We hope you enjoy our honey as much as we (and our bees) enjoy making it.



What is Manuka Honey 30+?

Manuka Honey 30+ is an active New Zealand Manuka honey with an antibacterial grade of at least 30+. Manuka Honey 30+ is 100% organic, contains no additives or preservatives and is made exclusively in New Zealand. Manuka Honey 30+ is best taken orally by the teaspoon to maximise your immune system or applied directly onto the skin as a natural health remedy. Manuka Honey 30+ has no side effects so try it risk free for up to 45 days or get your money back!

How does Manuka Honey 30+ improve my health?

Manuka Honey 30+ kills bacteria that are resistant to pharmaceutical antibiotic drugs. Manuka Honey 30+ has the highest antibacterial grade available on the market. By using Manuka Honey 30+ regularly, you and your family will have maximum antioxidant protection and a healthy strong immune system.


Manuka Honey 30+ prevents and treats cancer, reduces high cholesterol, reduces systemic inflammation, treats diabetes, treats eye, ear, and sinus infections, treats gastrointestinal problems, supports digestive health, assists the body's natural healing of minor wounds, ulcers, and infections, soothes sore throats, enhances general health and energy, fights infections such as MRSA (superbug), fights gum disease, treats burns and infected wounds, heals skin ulcers, reduces acne, and improves skin tone.

Why is Manuka Honey 30+ so special?

Manuka Honey 30+ contains only monofloral honey produced by bees which fed exclusively on the Manuka flower. The Manuka flower grows wild in uncultivated areas of New Zealand's vast and natural East Coast. Manuka Honey 30+ is highly pure due to the prodigious nectar production of our bees. Samples are tested regularly to ensure total activity levels are high. An accredited international laboratory uses the Staphylococcus aureus NZRM 87 method to ensure acceptable phenol percentages in every Manuka Honey 30+ batch.

"The 45 day money back guarantee"


We're so confident you'll like Manuka Honey 30+ that we'll give you 45 days to try it risk free. If after 45 days you're not 100% satisfied simply contact us ( and we'll give you your money back (less shipping fee of USD $9.99). We'll even let you keep Manuka Honey 30+ to try on another symptom or medical condition that you might have later on.


Remember, Manuka Honey 30+ has no side effects, so there's no harm in trying it again on another symptom. Manuka Honey 30+ treats as well as prevents, so it might be working for you without you even noticing.

Shipping & delivery information


We export Manuka Honey 30+ all over the world and as an international company we know how important delivery time is to our customers. We therefore ship five times a week, Monday-Friday and our dispatch outlet is conveniently located adjacent to an airport for faster delivery times worldwide.


With exception of New Zealand, all orders are sent via international airmail within 24 hours. This is the fastest and most convenient method available. We can deliver anywhere in the world, including P.O. Box addresses. As a gift, we pay for all the shipping and exporting costs regardless of the destination. We do not charge any additional fees!


Delivery times vary by country. For the Asia Pacific region please allow 2-4 working days. North America 4-6 working days. The European Union and South America, 5-8 working days. All other areas or rural/remote addresses please allow up to 10 working days.

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  • "I have had awful eczema all over my arms and legs due to being a bit stressed out! A friend at work bought Manuka Honey 30+ for me to try. I smothered the honey over my arms and legs and my eczema has practically gone. I have never found something with a dramatic effect like this and I'm sick of using steroid creams prescribed by my doctor. Wicked stuff!!"
    Celia M. from Kentucky, USA

  • "Within days of applying Manuka Honey 30+ the healing was becoming apparent. The healing come from deep within the wound and then after a period of time the old dead bone dropped off. Now after using Manuka Honey 30+ for only two months, the wound is nearly completely closed over. The plastic surgeon is absolutely amazed and has never seen anything like it."
    Leehom T. from Tung Chung, Hong Kong

  • "Several weeks ago my ring finger was crushed in a winch accident and the skin from the top knuckle upwards was ripped off leaving my bone exposed. The doctor who treated me believed surgery would be the only way to achieve any degree of healing. In desperation I looked up on internet to see if there was any alternative to surgery. Thankfully I came across Manuka Honey 30+ and I was able to avoid surgery."
    Brandon A. from Aberdeen, Scotland

  • "For years I had problems with every single cold evolving into a nasty sinusitis infection. Now at the first sign of a cold or sore throat I start drinking tea with Manuka Honey 30+ in it. If I have a sore throat I will take a teaspoon of it by itself. My colds are healing faster, and my throat feels better faster, and I am not having sinusitis after colds anymore. Manuka Honey 30+ has added a significant benefit to my health."
    James S. from NSW, Australia

  • "My family and I have been using Manuka Honey 30+ for all types of tummy and skin problems. I used it yesterday when I caught a flu type virus and it was a lifesaver. Last week I put it on my lip for a coldsore and it worked great. It really is a first aid product. I take it before I take pills that upset my stomach; I also bought another one and give it to a friends as a gift. I've also used it for Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). You'll never go back to over the counter products!"
    Sarah C. from Vancouver, Canada

  • "I apply Manuka Honey 30+ to my face after my shower, and then washed it off after a minutes. My skin becomes glowy and smooth, and I also noticed less breakouts, it's like it instantly heals everything. I am amazed. I probably won't have to apply foundation anymore to cover the unwanted spots, the skin will become perfect naturally."
    Anna M. from Singapore

  • "Our son had a cough for over a month and he tried antibiotics and other cough medicine but nothing worked. When he was visiting us recently I asked him to try Manuka Honey 30+. After he took 1 teaspoon, 90% of the cough was gone within 2 hours and the remaining 10% the next day. The exact same situation occurred with our younger son who lives in a different city. I strongly recommend that you always keep Manuka Honey 30+ handy at home.."
    Sharon J. from California, USA

  • "Having been a life-long allergy sufferer, I am happy to report that Manuka Honey 30+ has helped the problem. I have also been recently bothered with heartburn, acid reflux, etc and had been prescribed Zantac twice daily. A spoonful of Manuka Honey 30+ before meals has stopped this problem completely and now I have stopped taking the Zantac."
    Mike N. from Ipswich, U.K.

  • "My 86 year-old mother spent 22 days in a hospital and rehab facility for bedsores on both hips. The hospital did not do much other than keep her hydrated and on antibiotics. To make a long story short...along came Manuka Honey 30+. A few weeks later they are completely healed! Miraculous stuff!."
    Jane F. from Delaware, USA

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